Going Green

My first post: I’m slightly intimidated and I don’t mind saying so. In the back of my mind I think I’m pretty fabulous, though,  especially when it comes to designing anything flower-related, so here goes…


“Green is, after all, God’s neutral.”

This saying has become one of my favorite mottos so I’ve decided to make it my first post.  In the tone and nonchalance of Scarlett, I tend to say it when discussing flowers with brides, perspective clients, and friends that are debating color coordination. Technically, I’ve never been a “green fan”, but started noticing in the past few years that it is, in fact, everywhere. By now you’ve guessed that I adore flowers. I don’t care if they’re roses, orchids, daisies, or hydrangeas, I love them all. (Although I will interject here that I’m not particulary fond of Baby’s Breath. To my knowledge, however, that’s the only one I truly have a problem with.) I love the way they look, feel, smell, or don’t smell. Each bloom, petal, texture, color, and scent is amazingly different. They are uniquely stunning down to the very tiniest detail. All that to say: Green should be considered a neutral. It is intimately connected with everything flower or – for that matter -organic . It subtely shows up with every color in nature and never seems to steal the show. It compliments rather than hinders. In the words of Stacy and Clinton when talking to a novice fashionista, “it can be paired with any pattern.” There’s even an entire movement surrounding the gloriousness of green.

So, on that note, I hail the color green for its diversity and meekness and say it’s high time it took its rightful place among the staples of fashion and design trends as the “new – or more accurately ancient – black.”



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3 responses to “Going Green

  1. Ashley

    Bravo!! Your first post gets a ten out of ten. And while I’ve always contended that “purple” is my “favorite flower,” I may consider going green myself. 🙂

  2. rebeccasmithshelley

    Love it! Of course, you already know this – exhibit A: my wedding flowers 🙂

  3. Grace P.

    Great job on the post and congrats on your gorgeous site!!! I am glad that your giving my fav color some props. I loved how you incorporated it into our wedding in all its glorious greenness =)

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