Beer Budget Bride Gives Back: 40/40/40

404040 067

As promised, here are some of the bouquets I did for 40/40/40. I dropped the flowers off this morning and couldn’t help staying for a bit to watch some of the weddings and really steal a bit of “people watching” time as well. The atmosphere was so energetic and festive. Who knew a one hour ceremony and reception could be so vibrant? (for more info, see previous post) Congrats to Sylvia and Herschel Clark who put the whole thing on and blessings to all the couples!

Oh, and it’s ok if you want to laugh at my crazy “sets” for the bouquets – I needed my fabulous Michelle, but the little Nikon Camera had to do!

404040 004404040 002404040 003404040 010404040 011404040 032404040 030404040 033404040 035404040 036404040 039404040 041404040 049404040 052404040 057404040 058404040 063404040 026


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