My Magic Carpet

So, my latest quest has been for a new rug to go in my new red and black magnetic chalkboard room (pictures soon) in my new house! I am not having any luck, unfortunately (seeing as I’m extremely picky and have a penny-bank-budget on this one) All that to say, I’ve been searching online with brilliant broad net-caster words like “carpets” and “rugs”.

Haven’t found my perfect rug yet, BUT, my searches have led to a fascinating discovery that will be added to my Bucket List: The Brussels Flower Carpet.

Ever heard of it? Neither had I. It happens every even numbered year in Brussels, Belgium and began in the 70’s by a man who wanted to promote begonias. (Swoon!) It is now an amazing attraction every 2 years taking up the entire square in the Grand Place of Brussels with the most intricate and stunning display of flowers I’ve ever seen.

Feast your eyes:

For more info, click here.


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  1. Kay

    Juli, I’ve seen this carpet! It is truly stunning. They install it in a matter of just a few hours and it lasts for about four days. The blooms are tuberous begonias cut just below the bottom of the blossom and laid directly on the paving stones. For a fee you can climb to the second floor of the Hotel de Ville to get a bird’s eye view. The patterns change from year to year and it appears for a few days in August every other year. It really is a good thing to have on your Bucket List! Be sure to allow a day to visit nearby Bruges while you’re in Brussels.

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