For the Birds

It’s Spring.

 The birds are singing. They’re hopping around on sidewalks and in parking lots. Whistling a merry tune. Fluttering. Cooing. Making eggs and such. And aiming for my all-too-clean windshield with a precision that would shame any sniper.

Oh, and perching atop delighted wedding cakes!

I have a newfound obsession with birdies. (That’s right, “birdies”.  Birds are the ones aiming for my car.) They make me happy especially when they’re fat and fluffy. So, in honor of them, here are some pics of my all-time favorite feathered cake toppers.

Red Light Studio

By Lauren Alane



Little Vale's

Emilie Friday

 Beer Budget Bride Birdies up next! (Wow. Alliteration craziness.)


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