Beer Budget Bride: Birdies

WARNING: This post requires you or someone you know to be “crafty.”

Just sayin’.

I hope the above post about bird cake toppers was inspiring and made you giggle just a tad. Feathered cake toppers are a huge trend right now. They’re precious, obviously, but most of the time if they look good they’re super expensive too. The ones at craft supply stores tend to be “way too faux” (i.e., the birds have crazy lopsided eyes or strangely painted feathers.) So, if you’re crafty, here’s your solution: Make your own birds. Now, before you get unduly overwhelmed, know that I did this. You or your “craft-oriented” friend can too.

In true Wedding Singer fashion: “You can dooo eet!”

Here’s what you need:

  1. This nifty bird pattern. (I found on
  2. Two coordinating quilting squares from your local fabric store (or 1 sq. foot of each fabric)
  3. Scissors
  4. Needle and Thread
  5. Pillow Stuffing – or cotton balls (whatever works!)

Here’s what you do:

Print this and cut it out: birdpattern

The instructions are included on the pattern, but just in case you’re a visual crafter like me, here is a photograph journal of what I did as well:

Finished product should look like these: (cute, cute, cute, if I do say so myself!)



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2 responses to “Beer Budget Bride: Birdies

  1. wow, nice tutorial, i will twitter it “-)

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