Let the sun shine in!

Sometimes you just love a bride the moment you meet her. I had that experience with Sheena. When we first met she was looking at renting a house my dad owns with her then-fiancé, Scott. I, of course, had to open my big ‘ole mouth as soon as I heard they were engaged and see if they were looking for any design help.

Long story short, they were planning on a very minimalist wedding (very true to their personal style – which I love!) and were going to do their own – very minimal, if any – flowers. If you know me, you know that not even giving yourself as a bride the luxury of having a consultation and just “dreaming” with a designer is a no-no. I’m very quick to state that to an unsuspecting lovebird! We met over coffee, I decided she is one of the most vivacious, cute people in the world, we had a blast chatting about life and marriage and flowers, and *poof* I got to design floral creations for their sweet little outdoor wedding.

Below are photos of their day, as well as inspiration with their colors – Royal Blue and Sunny Yellow.



royal-blue-crepe-paperyellow crepeyellow-cupcakes




She gave me the sweetest note a few days ago – another reason she’s precious! Had to share:

“Thank you so much for your floral contribution to our wedding. Every time I looked at my lovely girls – in their royal blue dresses, holding stunning, single sunflowers whose yellow set off the blue in this magical way – I couldn’t believe I’d ever considered not having flowers.”

See? If only everyone listened to me….(wink!)


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  1. hey julie –
    who did their wedding design? would love to recommend to someone… to which i have already recommended YOU! =)

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