Wish I Was Here: The Postcard Inn


I have been meaning to post about this all week, but the time flew by! Last weekend I had the privilege of travelling to St. Petersburg, Florida, to see two of my great friends get married. Can’t wait to see their pictures! For now, though, I have to brag about the trendy, yet affordable hotel they put us up in.

After working hard on Friday and Saturday arranging flowers, placing details, and directing a wedding, it was the perfect beach spot to retreat and kick-up my sandy toes while sipping a piña colada to my heart’s content.

The Postcard Inn is one of those places that you think must be fabricating all sorts of charming details on their website and couldn’t possibly be as cute as it boasts. Skepticism be-gone! It was everything it says on the website and more.

As you drive up, you’re immediately greeted by 40+ blue-potted geraniums:


And the lobby! LOVED the Lobby:





The Complimentary Breakfast Bar Area:


And my favorite chair:


I didn’t post any of the actual room pictures because ours was trashed with flowers, so I’ll say this:  it’s quaint, no-frills, clean, and refreshingly decorated. (much like the lobby) The pool is surrounded by yellow lounge chairs, and has a cushioned seating area overlooking the pool too! You can walk straight past the snack shack and outdoor bar, step your little feet in the sand, pass by the volleyball court, and walk right into the Gulf.

Make it a destination – your sand-exfoliated toes will thank me later!


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