If the shoe fits…check this list before you buy it.

retro shoes


Hi. My name is Juli and I’m a shoe-aholic. 

It’s true. I love them. They’re my therapy. At times when I can’t find any shoes that I “can’t live without” I call friends and tell them that I need therapy for my therapy. I’m inspired by shoes – and, seeing as this is my inspiration/wedding blog I thought I would give my wedding shoes Do’s and Don’ts.

It seems only right that I should include one of my favorite daily inspiration blogs: Green Wedding Shoes. Go there – it’s fabulous!

Let me start off by saying if you don’t think your wedding shoes are important, consider this: try standing up, walking around and dancing for 5+ hours with the equivalent of a belted blanket wrapped around your waist wearing your pinchy-est shoes and try to be at-your-best-charming. Capisce?


white tennis shoescrocs

1. Don’t wear tennis shoes at your reception. (Really? You can dance better in tennis shoes?!) And yes, they were adorable in Father of the Bride – her daddy made them.

2. Don’t wear strappy sandals with hose. (No, they don’t look like you have tan legs – they look like you have a strange worm (i.e., the seam) squirming horizontally across your little french-pedicured toes.)

3. Don’t wait to wear them on your wedding day. (Break them in around the house  and while you’re addressing 50 bazillion envelopes.)

4. Don’t even consider buying your shoes and dying them (This should be a given, but I’m still surprised at how often I see the 80’s trying to rear it’s ugly head of wedding tradition.)

5. Don’t buy them after you’ve had your dress altered. Buy them before and take them with you. (This does not apply if you have a short dress, obviously)

6. Don’t make your bridesmaids all wear the same shoe style.  (Feet are like people – different shapes. Shoes should be viewed the same and should match their owner’s personality. (Toes and Bridesmaids will thank you, trust me!)

7. Don’t make your bridesmaids wear shoes the EXACT color of their dress. (Tell me, when was the last time you wore a solid colored dress and shoes that were the exact same shade in public – Easter in 3rd grade maybe? – that’s what I thought.)

8.  Don’t wear flip-flops unless you are getting married in the sand or within walking distance of sand. (Because that lovely flip-flop sound on carpet screams “Bridal”.)

9. Don’t force your feet to wear something they wouldn’t normally. If you wear sky-high heels on a normal basis, wear them on your wedding day. However, if you don’t normally, the last thing you want is a twisted ankle -  Limping: not pretty.

10.  Don’t wear anything that pinches. I love a good “pinchy” shoe – for a short span of time -  because sometimes hotness hurts, but anything uncomfortable on your wedding day should be avoided. The “pinch” in your toes will show up on your face and in your pictures.


conversebm shoesheart-shoes 

1. Do get your Bridesmaids to sign your soles (one of my favorite new trends)

2. Do Splurge (What better time to use the excuse?)

3. Do match your shoes to your flowers! (Of course I love this! Flowers+Shoes=Love)

4. Do buy shoes that make your legs look like they just grew out of your armpits. (This does not mean you have to wear 5-inch heels. When I buy shoes, I look at how they make my leg look as well as my foot – Your feet are attached to your legs, if you haven’t noticed, and if your legs look chunky in your shoe you will too.)

5. Do pick shoes that match your lingerie for the evening!

6. Do put your own personal touch on them. (This could be as simple as putting a heart sticker on the inside of the shoe, gluing a blue ribbon on them, or making a fabric flower to attach.)

7. Do wear Cowboy Boots or Converse (I don’t consider Converse to be tennis shoes – they’re for fashion, not exercise.)

8. RETRO is always a do. (Whether you got them on e-bay or you’re channeling your 40’s pin-up vampy side – rob your grandmother’s closet or attic if you have to –  do retro.)

9. Do select shoes that you can wear with other special occasion outfits – you can wear them for every anniversary. (Your toes will remember dancing the night away and be inspirational for years to come. )

10. Do Be inspired by Dorothy.



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3 responses to “If the shoe fits…check this list before you buy it.

  1. love LOVe love this post.. you are so very witty! Great advice 🙂

  2. Mandi

    i had my wedding shoes dyed…just saying. no one made a lavender shoe that suited me. and i was born in the 80’s, so what’s the problem?

  3. amanda

    just read this again today and still love it 😉

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