Milk + Cookies

Here’s some comfort-food inspiration for you. (Hopefully it won’t make your tummy growl too much!) Milk and Cookies are a wonderfully “delish” idea to build a bridal or baby shower from, or you could even design a whole wedding around  them! (Four Weddings featured a wedding recently where the bride was too young to have champagne so they served milk and cookies – love it!)

Let me introduce this shoot to you by stating that firstly if you know me, you know that I am a bit of an antique find junky. I am very picky about what I actually buy, but when I find something I love, I don’t hesitate. Several weeks ago I stumbled upon Global Living in Buckhead and fell in love with 28 vintage milk bottles. (The owner of the store travels all over the world collecting furniture and trinkets to inspire. The bottles are from New England and are just adorable – if glass containers can be adorable.) They quickly inspired a photo shoot with my darling Michelle of Michelle Marie Photography and gave us a good excuse to collaborate. 

Hunker down your taste buds and enjoy!

milk   cookies final-36   Milk Cookies comp milk   cookies final favs-19milk   cookies final-54milk   cookies final-41 Milk Cookies comp1milk   cookies final favs-21milk   cookies final-46 milk   cookies final-30  milk   cookies final favs-4

P.S. Michelle made the little word tags for her wedding back in May, but we couldn’t find them the day of. So, she graciously agreed to let me use them here – aren’t they super cute?!



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2 responses to “Milk + Cookies

  1. amanda

    chocolate chip cookies are near & dear to my heart… this might be my favorite post yet!

  2. Jimmy

    Wow, Juli, you have an amazing eye. I love it!

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