I love hue.

Er, color, that is. (I know, I know…my wit is far-fetched, but it made me grin.)

This wedding is the perfect way to start 2011! It was fresh, joyful, and full of COLOR. You may remember Jenny & Jordan from their engagement photos back in October. I was so excited to see how their wedding turned out and I was not disappointed! Jenny asked me to incorporate a wide variety of colors: deep royal blue, eggplant, burnt orange, yellow, and mossy green. The vibrant combination was inspiring and a rush to my design sensibilities. 

I’ll let these amazing images by The Reason Photography say the rest:

JennyJordan_w  0533JennyJordan_w  0548JennyJordan_w  0207JennyJordan_w_Love003JennyJordan_w  0205JennyJordan_w  0006JennyJordan_w  0161JennyJordan_w  0369JennyJordan_w  0401JennyJordan_w  0373JennyJordan_w  0377JennyJordan_w  0117JennyJordan_w  0496JennyJordan_w  0459JennyJordan_w  0394JennyJordan_w  0392JennyJordan_w  0155JennyJordan_w  0384JennyJordan_w  0525

(cupcakes by Miss Mamie Cupcakes)


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