Lace It Up: Christi & Ryan’s Wedding

This wedding was not only full of personal details, elegance, and love, but it was just so much fun ta’ boot!

My dear friend, Christi, loves loves loves the store Anthropologie and asked me to help design her wedding to reflect that style. In a string of words: natural, playful, unexpected, and pretty. Christi loves lace and all things with a sense of “old and well-loved.” Beginning with the logs from her family’s yard, to the homemade cakes by a friend, to each little letter stamped on the tables, this wedding was certainly “well-loved.”

(Oh, and I must brag on the sweet and talented Mandy Busby of MBPhoto who shot their wedding and did a superb job!)


And just because I love the picture:


I heart you Drama C!

Love, Drama J



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4 responses to “Lace It Up: Christi & Ryan’s Wedding

  1. This was sucha pretty PRETTY wedding! Good job Juli!

    • thejewelbee

      Couldn’t have done it without you, my sweet friend! (You and Tyler’s stellar spray painting skills, that is)

  2. Sarah Standage

    Where is her dress from? Its beautiful!

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