Feelin’ the Blues

….and now for something completely different!

Over the past year or so my ears have enjoyed some amazing music – the blues of Blind Willie McTell have ranked right up near the top. He was a fascinating pre-war Atlanta musician with a life story to rival any of the hoity toity classical composers of my previous cultural exposure.

So, let me just say I was thrilled when Mark Miller, a friend and former boss, asked me to coordinate an event celebrating the Gospel songs and stories of Blind Willie McTell happening this Friday night, March 25th in Atlanta.  Mark will be performing songs from his recently recorded album entitled  Ain’t it Grand: The Gospel Songs of Blind Willie McTell (Check it out. Your eardrums will thank me later.) He will be joined by Michael Gray,  the leading researcher of Blind Willie’s life. Michael is an amazing storyteller (with a lovely accent!) and will be sharing his stories of a British author searching for a Southern blues musician’s life and the quirky and inspiring events that happened along the way.

It should be a great night so come on out! Tickets available here ($12) and at the door ($15). 

110211 Searching for BWM


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