*Poof* {Erin & Jake’s Wedding}

I met Erin while she was employed by Actor’s Express Theater here in Atlanta. I did a fundraising event for them and just thought she was the “cat’s meow.” Extremely organized, brimming over with creativity, super in-love, and with more DIY gumption than anyone should be allotted. In short, her wedding was adorable and I can’t take credit for very much at all!

Jake and Erin got married in April at The Solarium – a lovely little venue in Decatur, GA. Their wedding had the uncanny feeling of elegance meets vintage without taking themselves too seriously. My favorite things would have to be the retro milk glass containers, the homemade tissue paper “poofs”, of course the dress – so fab – and who could not love Captain Solo and Princess Leia on top of the cake!?

poof erin1poof jakepoof bouquet1poof candy3poof candy1poof candypoof candy2poof erin&Jake1poof flower5poof flower7poof flower3poof flower10poof ceremonypoof bouquet1poof erin mompoof flower12poof flower8poof Erin&Jakepoof love

My sentiments exactly. 🙂

Photos are courtesy Jeff Gaines Photography.



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2 responses to “*Poof* {Erin & Jake’s Wedding}

  1. Gloria Lewis

    LOVED IT! A tremendous composite of a fabulous event preserved in time. In other words, a beautiful photographic essay.

  2. Laura Ray

    Erin, sweetheart…..
    You are BEAUTIFUL! What a gorgeous wedding and I know from Juli’s comments you and Mom did so much to organize and pull it off! I wish you and Jake the best and hope to see you soon.
    Laura Ray

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