This past weekend was so fun and so busy! My team and I had 3 weddings in 2 days and without them I would have checked myself into the looney bin, but with them I was merely in need of a gin and tonic by Sunday. (Joshie, Jenny, and Morgan – you’re all life savers and my favorite “worker bees”!)

At the end of the wedding on Saturday night (I was coordinating the event as well) the Mother of the Bride asked me how in the world I do this all the time. I jokingly responded, “Pedicures. Lots and lots of pedicures.” Her question got me to thinking, though. The real answer is quite simple. I love this job so much -  even with all its stresses and challenges – because I love the dreaming, the gathering details, the artistry of creating something in your mind’s eye, and the sheer joy of seeing it bring delight to the faces of the people you dreamed it up for. It’s an unmatched thrill for this lil’ city chic!

Indulge me in feeling blessed and allow me to thank you for contributing to that feeling in whatever way you have. (I realize I’m having a moment, don’t worry, it’ll pass – wink!) In the meantime, here are a few shots from one of the weddings on Saturday…



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