The Color Purple {Neela & Brian}

I have wanted to design an India-inspired wedding for years. I’m not being dramatic (well, not more than normal) when I say years. I have been to India once and if someone told me I could go again tomorrow for free, I would jump on it.  So, when I first met Neela one lovely afternoon in March at Star Provisions  and she told me she wanted to honor her heritage with an Indian infused, light-filled, yet modern wedding I was immediately ecstatic!  The fact that she’s sassy and fabulous was like the cherry on top!

My favorite thing from our planning process was visiting a couple of saree shops to purchase the saree panels we hung throughout the space at Summerour Studio. We had a blast and I definitely enjoyed watching Neela bargain like a champ.

Oh, I also want to acknowledge the amazing images by Ardent Story Photography – just beautiful – for more photos go here.


(A fun fact: the green and yellow-ish striped plant coming out of the lanterns is called “Song of India.” So there, learn somethin’ new every day…)


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