I am definitely having one of those “coming off of a trip-high” days. Bleh. I miss pasta as an option at every meal. I miss ebony-eyed waiters rambling off compliments in Italian and looking at you as though you were crazy for not understanding and swooning immediately. I miss cappuccino and Nutella at  breakfast and diving into bottles of wine at dinner and lunch…

I digress. One of the joys of travelling for me is finding stores that are off the tourist-beaten path. I sort of hate all the tourist-y things when they pull you away from “breathing in” a country and all of its flavors, people watching, and culture intoxication. Before I left I bought 4 books. Two were maps of Rome and Florence, and 2 were “Shopper’s Guides” – tiny 3×3 inch books that take you on walks around cities and lead you to tucked-away gems for an unusual travelling experience. Loved them. Because of these little books I discovered a flea market and an incredible dinner theater in Florence and several fascinating antique and knick-knack stores in Rome. It was stupendously enlightening. And just the sort of thing I adore about travelling.

On one such jaunt, I happened upon a store in Florence that was just too adorable to not snap a bunch of pictures of (much to the disapproving eye of the sales clerk). The store is close to the Ponte Vecchio (which is obviously uber tourist-y because, let’s admit it, you’ve heard of it) called Boutique Nadine.

I want to design a wedding that looks like this store…


Cue the vintage angel choir:


the attention to detail:


and lastly, the bicycle:



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  1. I love!! Wish I could have gone. Next time you go to Italy (or anywhere) to do a wedding you must bring an assistant. And by that I mean ME not Josh! (Sorry, Josh…you know I love you, but a girl has to be selfish under these circumstances)!

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