Let My Love Open the Door…

You know you love that song! (Ok, maybe not, but I think it’s cute and it’s my blog…)

I am continually fascinated by the creativity of tradition-made-new problem solving in weddings. Take something old and give it a new spin and I’m a twitterpated girl! One genius problem-solving spin I’ve stumbled upon lately is the outdoor “opening of the doors.”

There is a sacred moment right before you walk down the aisle. That moment that is yours to breathe, to still be Daddy’s-little-girl for a moment, to just be you for one second more. The moment after that is the one I’m talking about – the joy comes flooding in as the doors are flung open and you actually see your man and take those first steps down the aisle. Those doors are symbolic in many ways and what a shame to not have them just because you decided to have an outdoor affair!

Enter inspiration and ah-hah moment that prove that, well, it is your day and you can have it all…

greenweddingshoes-outside doorfriday_faves_vintage_doors_wedding_inspiration_postcards_and_prettiesweddingchicks door

And while you’re at it, why not use doors for other things as well…


As a side note: I know I have been a bit lax in updating these last couple of weeks but there are some very exciting happenings going on with JVD that have been keeping me away. I will give a full-fledged update soon.

{images from GreenWeddingShoes, Ruffled, & WeddingChicks}


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