Destin-ation {Brad & Noelle}

I’m diggin’ destination weddings right now…

Brad and Noelle’s wedding was over a year ago, but I’ve been dying to show it off for a number of reasons: 1) It was in Destin, Florida so it’s the perfect homage to summertime. 2) Noelle chose very bold colors and, just in case you haven’t picked up on this yet, I adore bold colors.  3) Noelle, Brad, and their families were just precious and you can feel their connected-ness and support when you’re with them and in their photos (by MichelleMariePhotography) and that is worth showing off a bit!

5_Ceremony(74_Brad & Noelle(2482_Girls(1432_Girls(853_Boys(2094_Brad & Noelle(2815_Ceremony(53_Boys(1561_ Getting Ready(401_ Getting Ready(522_Girls(1177_Reception(315_Ceremony(177_Reception(167_Reception(17_Reception(297_Reception(257_Reception(174_Brad & Noelle(269


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