Love in Translation {Ashley & Juan}

I am thrilled to unveil these photos that put the finishing touches on one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever had the privilege of having a hand in. If you follow my blog at all, you have heard me talk about my best friend, Ashley, and her wedding to Juan on the dreamy, wine-soaked coast of Italy. We have been eagerly awaiting the pictures from Jack and Tina Fussell and they did not disappoint. They are amazing. So amazing, in fact, that I had a hard time picking the ones I wanted to feature!

A word about Jack and Tina: I have worked with quite a few photographers, but there are only a handful that are artful enough for me to go back to the pictures again and again to see what spectacular detail in their shots I have missed. From the way Jack and Tina capture light to emotion to composition I am impressed – to say the least. Their mutual love of photography, artistry, detail, and each other oozes from their camera shutters and leaves the subject in a state of awe. They are brilliant. And simultaneously precious.

A word about Ashley (and Juan): Ashley – or as I commonly refer to her as “Hashbrowns” – is one of my dearest and truest friends. I adore her on so many levels and the joy that beamed from her that day took my breath away. The fact that she pretty much let me run with whatever design I felt embodied hers and Juan’s style was inspiring and humbling. When you know someone as well as we know each other, it is a heavy weight to design their wedding because you so want to portray them and not impose on their day anything that does not make them giggle with delight. Juan did not giggle – just for the record – but Ashley may have let a tiny one slip out.

I was honored to be a part of your “Best Day Ever”, my darling friends and I will remember it for the rest of my life.


In Ashley’s own words:

“ [King’s Residence Hotel in Palinuro] is the place you think of while you’re sitting in your office, wishing yourself away to a magical Italian paradise where gelato and cappuccino are present at every meal served by a dashing Italian waiter named Giovanni, the ocean is always within sight, and the breeze blows through your hair as you breathe in its saltiness mixed with just a hint of tomato sauce and garlic wafting from the kitchen nearby.  This place was the stuff dreams are made of, perfectly fitting for a day in which I was to marry the man I had dreamed about all my life.  Juan and I chose King’s Residence, having never been to Italy in our lives, based on a recommendation from Juan’s father.  He was sure right about the place – it was absolutely perfect….”


P.S. The “random” guy in the girls’ picture is Giovanni: also known as Renaissance Man/Cappuccino-Barista/Bartender extraordinaire.

Venue & Catering: King’s Residence Hotel (ask for Luisa – she is THE best!)

Shoes: Kate Spade


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