Today is one of those I adore. My morning stroll with Daisy was slightly chilly. The sun isn’t even trying to break through the clouds – as if he’s content to take a break and slouch on the couch today. The shroud of fog and cloud-cover just settling on the treetops make one remember why Autumn is so dreamy. Dreamy like a Jane Austen book. Dreamy like kissing in the rain. Dreamy like I want to be living in London today…

I’ve been enjoying these images on my desktop for a few weeks and decided it was time to share some of them. Michelle & Steven captured them (just because they’re both darling and unexplainably kind to me) back in June. These are from a very woodland fairytale meets English garden wedding at Summerour Studio. I have to admit I was a bit spoiled by it because I got to use Upright Pitcher Plants in a wedding (yay!) and Michelle brought along this adorable little yellow chair that I want to steal from her (hush – it’s stinkin’ cute!). Needless to say several of these shots will be used again in the future and it’s only partially due to the cute chair.

They’re pretty dreamy, don’t you think?!

summerhour final-3summerhour final-11summerhour final-27summerhour final-21summerhour final-22summerhour final-6summerhour final-17summerhour final-10summerhour final-4


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