Modern Romance {Tara & Paul}

I first met Paul & Tara at Belly General Store in Virginia Highlands. Almost immediately, I found myself drawn in by the ease and playfulness of their relationship and the way they put me at ease just being around them. Theirs is a love and friendship that makes you feel comfortable. Contentedly and gloriously comfortable. Even months after their beautiful day I still find myself grinning whenever I think of them. They’re just those kind of people and you can’t help adoring them for it.

Flache Wedding Final-437Flache Wedding Final-2Flache Wedding Final-57Flache Wedding Final-242Flache Wedding Final-9Flache Wedding Final-18Flache Wedding Final-33Flache Wedding Final-447Flache Wedding Final-55Flache Wedding Final-56Flache Wedding Final-41Flache Wedding Final-497Flache Wedding Final-46Flache Wedding Final-1Flache Wedding Final-43Flache Wedding Final-304Flache Wedding Final-311Flache Wedding Final-302Flache Wedding Final-209Flache Wedding Final-312Flache Wedding Final-34Flache Wedding Final-360

Two things: The image above is of Paul & Tara’s sweet doggie, Niko, who wore a bow tie down the aisle like a champ. And the image below is of Paul’s groom’s cake because it’s just dang cute. (Paul plays for the Gwinnett Gladiators and I have no doubt that Tara is, in fact, his number one fan.)

Flache Wedding Final-310Flache Wedding Final-432

Venue: Lake Lanier

Bridal Gown: Monique Lhuillier 

Michelle & Steven captured their day effortlessly, as usual.


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One response to “Modern Romance {Tara & Paul}

  1. Pat Flache

    I know that we are a bit prejudice but Tara was the most radiant bride I had ever seen not to mention the groom looked like he belonged in GQ magazine. It was the most beautiful day

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