Had two weddings this weekend. It was a whirlwind! I spent most of the day Sunday recovering, cleaning the loft, and sitting on my bum perusing blogs and making the most scrumptious 5 minute ice cream. (I added dark chocolate chunks…yummy.) What was not yummy about Sunday was that somehow I downloaded a virus onto my lil’ red laptop. This post was supposed to be published Monday, but wouldn’t work until that was removed. I was not a happy camper.

Speaking of yummy (see how I did that), the flowers this weekend were eye-popping gorgeous! Dahlias, loads of Ranunculus, David Austin Roses called Darcey Bussell, Dusty Miller, Raspberries…in a word: happiness. There were a few blooms still hanging on Monday morning so I snapped these to show them off a bit before they bit it. Thus, the images below for which I really, really am wishing I had a good camera.  (Come on, Santa!) Oh, and the goblets are new to my collection – can’t wait to use them in an actual wedding.




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2 responses to “Yum.

  1. Oooh pretty. Looks like a Dutch still life or something. Also I would be using those goblets for my everyday use.

    P.S. I’m holding you personally responsible when I have to be moved around on a flat bed cart because of that ice cream recipe.

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