Crème de la Crème {Carmen & Josh}

Let me start out by saying Carmen is a cutie. A bonafide born n’ bred Georgia girl with a contagious smile that clearly her new hubby, Josh, melts for.  Their wedding took place in Winder, Georgia this past October and was overflowing with cream and white flowers, touches of pink, gathered objects, homemade cakes, and personal elements galore.

It was terribly difficult to pick out a sampling of images because these images (that are so yummy – yes, pictures can be yummy) are gorgeous. They were captured by Mandy Busby Photography who I cannot recommend enough – she is a darling and so amazing at what she does. 

-25-195-40-77-38-85-126-42-154carmen bout-41-155-84-49-51-205-46-188-191-201-239-43-198-238-211carmen program-111carmen car-280

See? Cuties. ♥


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