Eating the Elephant {and other musings}

This coming week is nuts – like time to get a clone of myself who’s equally as cuckoo as I am – nuts. Basically it’ll be a blast and then I can get a massage!

Right now, though, I have a free moment. A breather. A sigh. A bit of time to realize I can just eat the elephant of the week I have coming “one bite at a time.”  I realize I’m journaling on my professional blog, but oh well. I’m at Sun in my Belly “hawking” my wares in the corner {it’s Valentine’s Day for the next 4 days, don’t you know?!} and listening to the most glorious little band that’s making me a bit sleepy but mostly just calm.

I’ve been wanting to share these images from The Boxcar Grocer’s grand opening party a few weeks ago and I just haven’t had a breather before now – so enjoy these. And check out Boxcar – it’s a great neighborhood grocery with a great mission.




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3 responses to “Eating the Elephant {and other musings}

  1. Pretty containers! What are those little yellow poufballs called? The little little ones, not the ones with the long stalks.

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