My name is Juli Vaughn. That’s right, J-U-L-I. And no, I didn’t drop the “e” to be different – it just happened that way. When my parents were coming up with  my name, they had a feeling I’d be funky and decided to drop the “e”.  So glad they did, because I love it – other than the occasional obligatory spelling my name at Starbuck’s. (wink)

I have lived in Atlanta, GA my entire life (except for a short stint in Nashville for college) and adore it. To me, it’s like New York hustle meets Southern charm. I recently moved into a light-filled loft in downtown so that probably contributes to this southern city-girl fantasy. I have been fascinated by and hooked on wedding design for over 5 years and it’s somewhat dream-like to realize it’s what I do full-time.  I love the crazy decision-making, color-picking, planning a life-changing event stress of it all! There are so many ideas and elements that you can sink your teeth into on a daily basis and it makes my heart pitter patter. I have a background in floral design and lean towards that in my design aesthetic, but details are what make the soiree and all of them should be paid attention to.

My purpose for this blog is to show what I’m up to, what’s making me “tick” (wedding-wise and other), and to have another creative outlet to showcase my work. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment and let me know what you think!


6 responses to “About

  1. GIRL!!!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!

  2. eh, ive seen better. =) and by better i mean you. you’re better in person! even more fabulous-er than film can adequately capture.

  3. morgan

    To my favorite wedding planner/floral designer ever,
    The blog is wonderful! And I agree with Josh…the real thing is even more fabulous in person!

  4. Josh Davis

    Saw you in the GSC. I’m loving the pictures.

  5. Alfie Williams

    Hi Juli! I met you last night at the Not Wedding Rehearsal dinner and wanted to speak with you further regarding your service. Please let me know how we can connect.


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